A Career Services sendoff to the Graduates of Galvanize

This past Friday at galvanize (July 15th, 2016), I gave my first graduation speech! Here is the transcript:

It is appropriate that this is the first time I've spoken at graduation ceremony, because you are the first class to complete the weekly career services program I had crafted from a vision. You gave up your lunches and took precious time away from your case studies to come listen to what I had to say. You gave me your undivided attention with laptops away and asked interesting questions to challenge me at every step. I hope you all now feel confident in understanding the landscape of data science, have portfolios you are proud of and learned strategies to run a job search, handle rejection with grace, and attain an outstanding compensation package.

I want to share one of my favorite moments. It was the week before break week and I had asked you all to bring a printed copy of your resume for a peer review workshop. You showed up with printed copies. When I asked you to find a partner and trade resumes to give feedback on layout. You swapped and gave a few notes. Next, I asked you to trade with another classmate and focus on critiquing Sections and Headlines. You swapped and gave a few more notes. We continued like this for 8 rounds of review. I remember that cohort 13 sat on one side and cohort 14 sat on the other.. And slowly you crossed sides to give others a review. It was a pleasure for me to witness the increasing volume and excitement building from each of you finding more comments and suggestions to provide to one another. I love the spirit you have of being willing to be critical of each other and offer suggestions and feedback. Please continue this tradition of learning from each other and supporting each other in the months to come.

Finally, I want to highlight that this is a turning point in our relationship. You are about to venture out into the world and run a job search. I have told you everything I know about careers. Now, you will bring me new conversations and situations you encounter and I will be the one learning from how you react and the successes or learnings they bring. I am very excited for this next phase of our relationship. I hope to see you for office hours, or what I will consider my ongoing Career Services boot camp ;).