Michelle was my talent manager while I was going through the Triplebyte process. She is a great communicator and very hardworking. She goes above and beyond to help her clients in their job search. Her passion for what she does is clear from the quality of her work and the effort she puts in to help others succeed. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and look forward to crossing paths with her again.

Juliet Liu, Software Engineer @Wish

Michelle is awesome! She helped me every step of the way during the interview process. We met several times and she advised me on several issues, often bringing things to my attention that I may not have noticed otherwise.

Kwon Ekstrom, Software Engineer @Instacart

Six months into my first job out of Hackbright Academy, a coding bootcamp, I felt I had to quit. When my team's senior developer left, I filled her role but my extra work and effort seemed to go unrecognized. Frustrated, I asked Michelle for advice. She helped me analyze the situation, laid out some paths I could take, and gave me advice for each one - whether I chose to start the interview process, switch teams internally, or just extend an olive branch to my boss. Following her tips, I landed a high-profile internal opportunity and was able to mend my relationship with my boss. I won't be thinking of quitting anytime in the near future. Thanks, Michelle!


After graduating Carnegie Mellon's Computer Science program, and a decade spent engineering (Dolby Labs, Pixar, Eventbrite) in the SF Bay Area, I decided I wanted to have a direct and positive impact on people in the tech industry. I established the Career Services program at Hackbright Academy, a developer bootcamp for women based in San Francisco, helping over 60 women secure their first roles as Web Developers. Later I joined OfferLetter where I helped dozens of engineers understand the risks and rewards inherent in tech-industry compensation and coached them on the skills necessary to negotiate. At Galvanize I worked with over 250 students transitioning from academic, analyst and non-traditional backgrounds into Data Science, Data Engineering or Web Development. Now at Triplebyte I have worked closely with over 250 engineers access incredible opportunities through our unique skills-based assessment. I specialize in helping diverse candidates navigate a career in tech whether they are new grads, considering a developer bootcamp, or seasoned veterans.

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